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Hello Everyone and WELCOME!!!....Your 24 Hour Cash Information is located below, with additional information located on the site mentioned at the bottom of this page. Please keep in mind that, within 24 hours, you should be receiving a Welcome Email at the address you furnished when you signed up. When your sign ups come in, you can simply send them to these sites, by sending them the same Welcome Email that you shoud be receiving. If you don't receive a welcome letter, I have added it to the bottom of this page. Please contact us at the Email address located on your Welcome Email, or contact us at  if you ever have any questions or anything we can help with. We look forward to your Financial Success!!!

                                                               PART 1

Welcome and Congratulations on your decision to come on board with this unique business opportunity!!! We are positive that, by following the upcoming instructions, you are in for an extremely profitable future, with mind boggling income potential that will continue to grow as you put everything into action. This program is sooo simple!!! All you do is advertise your website, getting it in front of tons of income opportunity seekers, and then staying consistent with your efforts. By doing this, the daily pay will continue to grow and, ultimately, lead to giving you the freedom to achieve your dreams.

This note was add by Doogy from I had a problem getting the Yola site free, there is a $19.95 domain registering fee. So if you want it completely free, just sign up, wait for their welcome letter to your inbox, go to their site from that link. Select the "free sub domain" option. Another free site is:

This is just the first of many Parts to get you started but, obviously, the first thing we want to do is get your website up and running. This is definately your business, and you are free to use any sources you like, but the website that you responded to was done through a group called Synthasite, ( Now also called Yola ). If you are not already familiar with them, they allow you to set up your own site, completely free of charge, and you are also already hosted and ready to be immediately on the web, again at no charge. We also like the fact that you can give your site your own personal touches, such as background and colors, instead of all of us having identical sites everywhere. SPECIAL NOTE: This is seperate from our regular program but, instead of designing your own site, if you would like the website to be set up for you, our In-House staff is more than happy to do so. They will set up your site, and then immediately email you with your new website address. And, no, this is not a mis-print, the only sur-charge for this new service is $1.89. If you would like this option, just click on the Orange button at the bottom of this page, and  Email us at and we'll get to work on your site right away!!  For those who want to start designing their own, just go to  and they give you step by step instructions.  If you have not already done so, setting up your PayPal is free of charge, and extremely easy to do. Just go to and follow their instructions. It's safe, secure and allows your customers to pay you fast!!! And, as mentioned on our site, if you prefer to use any other pay option such as Alertpay, E-Gold etc., you simply go to their site and sign up, free of charge, and optain their pay button for your site.
Special Note #2: At this point, if you choose to, you can copy our site word for word and use it as your own site. Again, you may decide that you want different backgrounds and colors and you may even want to use your own words and phrases. But, two of the favorite websites are and ( you can pick out your favorite one to copy ) and many members just print a copy and then type it word for word onto their own page. Or, you can also copy and paste our site onto your template and, whichever way you choose, you'll just be substituting our Email  and PayPal address with your own. Then, every time a new member orders from you, you can just send them the Welcome Email like the one you will be receiving, and it will send them to these sites, and they'll do the same for their sign ups, etc.
So, you can now set up your website, and the next part is going to cover Free Advertising Information, so please be on the lookout for that and others as well.
Once again, Welcome aboard and get ready to make Lots of money!!!
Pat Counts
Consumer Savings Source
                                           PART 2

As soon as your website is set up, you can take advantage of this and many upcoming Emails covering POWERFUL, Free Advertising Sources!!! We wanted to start with a few that are excellent for jump-starting your business, and give you some inside tips as well.
Obviously, one of the leaders in the Free Advertising world is Craigs-List. In fact, that may be where you saw our Website when you came on board. They can be found at and, naturally, they have a HUGE readership each day of people who are looking for exactly what we offer. A couple of things we want to share about Craigslist is, being as large as they are, they have put in an elaborate computer system that is designed to keep companies and programs from over-posting their Ads and abusing the system. Therefore, you'll hear of people who post alot of Ads who then have many of them bumped off the system because of their filtering system. So, we wanted to give you a couple of tips to keep from having this problem.
1. Be sure not to overpost in any city on the same day. We, all of the time, post just one time per day in the cities we are advertising in.
2. One of the things their filter system looks for is the Email address that is used when posting your ads. If they see the same  address posted in different areas, they assume it's over-posted and may bump it off. So, here's a technique to help: If you are not already using multiple Email addresses, you can go to Yahoo at and, free of charge, add additional addresses. This way, when you are posting in different areas, you can use a different address for each posting.
3. Their filter also looks for identical Ad titles posted in different areas. If it sees this occuring, it seems to be another reason to get bumped. So, what we have had success with is, we make sure that we have several variations of ad titles on hand, and we rotate them as we place our ads in different areas. For example, on one ad, our title may be.....Turn $4 into $4,032.00 In 12 Days!!!.....And the next may be....Easy Daily Cash With No Selling Or Recruiting!!!....Just be sure to keep your Ad titles short and different to spark interest to those who are browsing. And, always remember not to over post or to violate any Spam policies. 
4. Occasionally, Craigs-List will change things up a little bit. For example, for certain categories, they may show that they require an account in order to post. If they do, don't worry, you can easily set one up free of charge by following their instructions. In cases like this, you can usually post up to three ads, every other day, one each in 3 major cities that you choose.
Now, the second Free Ad source we want to suggest is a web source called Backpage. They can be found at .....They also have a HUGE readership and they are not as strict as Craigslist on their posting policies. However, you will still want to use your different Email addresses when you post in different cities.
That does it for part 2. Part 3 will cover more add-ons.
Have a great day!!!
                                                                 PART 3

For Part 3, we want to start with touching on the Forum advertising market. Believe me, as many of you have already experienced, this is a POWERFUL Free advertising source. The first suggestion has a HUGE readership each day, and it's called the WAHM forum. You can find this one at   ....We suggest that you register with them and then post often on their Work At Home Board.
You will be AMAZED at the accumulation that occurs as you put a combination of these Free Advertising sources to work for you!!! And, after you've been on them for a while, the momentum takes on a life of its own. For example, we are constantly getting new sign-ups from Ads that we actually placed 2, 3 & 4 weeks ago!! So, you add that to the response you are pulling from your current Ads, and it becomes PHENOMENAL!!!
Now, back to the Free Forum market. This next one we want to mention has grown in readership every single month, and is constantly bringing new members. All you do is register with them free of charge, and post as often as you like. They can be found at and you can expect excellent results.
Next, amazing results have come from this next site!! We find they have alot of readers who are looking for affordable opps. They are at  Once again, you just register with them for free, and then post as often as you like.
NEW ADDITION.... Massive Free Safelist Sources at:
I'm sure you are getting a good feel as to how this is done, so for alot of the upcoming information, we will be just listing alot of EXCELLENT sources for you to advertise in. But, keep in mind, they are really set up very similar in terms of just clicking on, registering with them, and then advertise for Free!!!
I'll list two more for now, with ALOT more on the way!!!
The rest of your information is located at href="">

Copy of Welcome Letter.
The first website, below, is the original letter before I added to it.
The second is the same as mentioned at the beginning as 'additional information'.

I want to personally welcome you, and to let you know that I look forward to
helping you with everything you need for your new & unique business opportunity!!

For your convenience, we have placed your business information on 2 different
websites, and all you do is click on and follow the instructions to get set up
and start making money right away!!!

You can also keep this Email, and simply forward it to all of your sign ups that
will be coming soon!!

The 2 websites are:



Please don't hesitate to let me know anytime I can help you!!

Once again, WELCOME!!!

Pat Counts

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