Is this a scam?

How many times have you been promised that a program is not a scam?

The investment program I have joined, Oct. 03, is paying me 1% a day,6 days a week,
313% A YEAR! to my Friendlypay account. Sunday is a day of rest.

You can get your own free Friendlypay account so you can track your earnings. go to:

You can invest from $20 up to $33,000

Join the 1% program by sending an e-mail Ask for the latest join methods.
Add the following ( friendlypay. 1652)
Then I get referral credit, and I than send 50% of my commission into your account.

As a promoter of this program I get a 10% commission. I will refund you 1/2 of
that commission when I receive a commision in my account. You have to send
me your Friendlypay account number, so that I can send you the 50% refund.
Never send your password to anyone.
So don't hesitate to get your free Friendlypay account! FREE ACCOUNT

After joining the 1% program, Send your e-mail address and your name, also your
Friendlypay #, to me at:
Put something like "1% program" in the subject box, so that I can send the 50%.

It is not necessary to send me your Friendlypay info. You will not get the 50% refund
if you choose not to give out that info.

Here is my plan.

Invest $20,000 Get $200 a day for 26 days a month. = $5,200 average.
Take $2,000 a month to pay off the loan. Live on $3,200 a month.
You will have paid off the loan in about 1 year. Then you will have the
entire $5,200 a month to live on. Except in Febuary. you get only $4,800.

Are you ready to earn some money? You can also earn money by promoting
this program to others.